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Monday, May 26, 2014

How to Get Your Baby to Sleep Through the Night!


Just kidding. Mean trick, mean trick.

Here's how my nights go. Every night.

7:30-8:30pm- Baby goes to bed in that time frame.

PHHEEWWW!! Some time alone!! .....Wait never mind....

Okay- then. Time without one eye constantly on a baby making sure he doesn't find a tiny random thing to stick in his mouth. Okay, I'll take it.

9:30 pm- Bedtime for me and my daughter.

11:15 pm- Baby crying.

1:00 am- Baby crying.

3:00 am- Baby crying.

4:15 am- Baby crying.

5:30 am - Baby up for the day.

He is almost 7 months old.  I'm not writing this to complain. I'm writing this to tell other mothers that are up all night with their babies that it's normal. It will pass and you are not alone. And also to tell the parents with babies who sleep that I hate you. Haha- kidding.... Kinda of.

My daughter was the same way. I do not have a lot of support in caring for them either since my husband works overseas and is away far more than he's home. Somehow I manage to get through the days... usually with little patience at the end- but we make it. Also, wine helps.

My son is still nursing and I was not nursing my daughter anymore at this point. I don't remember if there was any difference in regards to that. I don't think there is any definite trick. And I'm personally not willing to let my baby cry it out. I would be thrilled if he decided started to only wake me up once or twice a night. It'll happen eventually... and before I know it, I'll be wondering what happened to my little babies.

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