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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Gunner is HERE (2 months ago....)

Gunner Ceferino Gil
Born November 7th 2013 at 4:23 pm
6 lbs 15 oz & 19 1/4 inches 

My little guy is here! I ended up getting induced 4 days after my due date. UGH. Did not want to do that. But, whatever! It ended up being a much different birth experience than I had with Giovanna.

I got my epidural much more quickly this time. Which ended up being good because they were super busy... So- here goes the DRAMATIC (not really) part of the birth:

I got my epidural and started to feel relief... so Cef left the hospital to go eat lunch- since I wasn't allowed to eat anything. Right about the time that he left I started feel weird. Like, nauseous and light headed. Being a Paramedic, I'm kind of in tune to these things and what they mean.... so I waited for my blood pressure cuff to cycle to see what my blood pressure was. So... it pumped up on my arm... and released... and pumped up on my arm... and released. This happened about 5 times and it never got my pressure. That wasn't a good sign.... about that time my epidural pump started beeping so I pushed my nurse call light and told her what was going on.

TURNS out once they actually got my blood pressure- my diastolic pressure (bottom number) was 28.... TUUUURRIBLE. That's why I felt like crap and I pretty much knew that. Long story short- they had to give me a ton of fluid and some Ephedrine and that all wasn't working. So, basically the nurse anesthesist just cut my epidural in half... and that helped. But, also sucked because then I could feel my contractions again. Luckily, that only lasted for a little while longer- because I was ready to push... pushed for about 15 minutes and little dude was OUT!

Here's an exclusive VLOG I made while in labor during a contraction:

Here are some more pics:

Last Bump Pic...

And here we are at 7 weeks.

Now I'm down in South Flooooda. Living the LIFE. Not really- but that's a whole different blog post. PEACE.