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Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas blogging.

Hey guys. A bunch of normal stuff happened over the holidays this year. Mostly, like, hung out with family, my mom got a sweet radio flyer wagon to pull our kids in, Someone decided that they liked it, so they put a ring on it and everyone had cocktails.

Really, it was kinda boring. Just cool to hang out with all the fam. I'm kind of distracted right now because I'm watching Jane Velez-Mitchell right now about the decline of the polar bear population. I mean... they'd eat you without a second thought.... and apparently they love coca-cola... but dang it- they are part of the circle of life!!! JVM just informed the TV audience that she's a vegan- and if I didn't love the crap out of cheese.... I'd be vegan too. If you can't understand why people are vegan... go ahead and watch this documentary. Netflix. If it doesn't make you feel guilty, then you don't have a soul. No, really.

Also, just wondering if anyone was able to keep up with Jelena?? I feel like I'm on-line a lot and I can't even keep up with it.... Justin's hanging out with Victoria Secret models... they break up.... Selena goes to his hotel.... then they break up again. Then Justin Instagrams a hot pic of her........ I'm exhausted. I'm not even really sure what Instagram is..... so.... good job.

I also did my first spin class with my entire family and expletive that expletive. That was so hard and I spent most of the class 'in the saddle' and it was still too freaking hard. I'm kinda happy enough to be skinny fat instead of doing impossible spin class for an HOUR. Within the first 5 minutes my throat had a softball in it.... over it. I can bust out some miles.... but it sucks.

Okay. I'm done. But- I'll leave you with a fabulous video from the Christmas weekend with sisters- ME, Lindsey, and Ericka:

Happy Birthday Jesus ya'll.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Rehoboth Beach Marathon Weekend (I stood in one spot and yelled at everyone)

Well, my blog is not consistant.... but I'm working on it!!! I guess I will fill you all (is anyone reading this?) in on the DC/Delaware trip last week though. Delaware. Not Denver. Right.


So- my sisters, Lindsey & Ericka wanted to do a marathon together. I do not 'do' marathons because I'm lazy and it seems to require a lot of work. I'm not even motivated to do the necessary things in life.... like clean my house- so marathons are automatically out. I will put my claim to fame out there and say that I ONCE ran a half marathon in May 2011. I didn't train at all (genius) and it was hard and terrible. But- I ran the entire thing in an alarmingly fast time of 2 hours and 38 minutes.... for all you non-marathoners (aka normal people)- the fast part was a joke because that is super slow.

Here I am in the blue shirt (BOMF represent!) with my friend Chelsea in the yellow mid-half marathon. Yes, my hair was pink.

Anyways- Lindsey is afraid to fly so I went with her so if the plane crashed she wouldn't have to die alone (what a sacrifice- I'm an amazing sister) But- it turns out- I am the best dang marathon spectator known to man. Like, I deserve to be sponsored. Holla at me Under Armour!! (Or any running gear company) I'm pretty much a champ at cheering for people.... EVERYONE!! I am actually kind of shy- so it doesn't really come naturally for me. But- in my race career history (my famous mini & I will include my two Back on My Feet 42k Relays) encouragement from random people can be super helpful. People appreciate it.... I got a lot of thank yous and smiles. So- what I did was- I drove out to mile 10. Stopped at a Wawa on the way and loitered around because I had time & Wawa is gas station heaven (no really). Johnny Knoxville has a Wawa tattoo and I'm not even mad about it. Kinda jealous. #worthit

Also here are some of my Back on My Feet 42K Relay pics... I know you want to see them:

My mid-race fake 'I'm enjoying this face' 

My team Dustin, Nan, me & Damon. 

  The course did a loop so they ran back by the mile 10 spot again at mile 20. So, I saw a lot of the freakishly fast people twice. This actually wasn't a very big marathon... so seeing both of my sisters still finish before most people made me feel suuuper lazy. Oh, and also proud of them. But, thanks for making me look bad guys!!!

Lindsey apparently ran her second fastest marathon time- 3 hours & 29 minutes. Good job- but I'm going to go ahead and steal your thunder Out for a Run and say that I busted out a 3.7 mile run at a 10 minute pace today at LA Fitness on the treadmill... Out. Of. Nowhere. Unstoppable. Off the couch and hittin' the pavement aka whatever treadmill conveyer belt stuff is made of for 3.7 y'all!! Turns out the only reason I went to the gym is because Lindsey talked me into it this morning.... I was into hittin' the gym for like 2 months. Then I went to Mexico and then Giovanna was sick and then she shared her illness with me and then I was just lazy after all those legit excuses. Dang it. However, ran into Terry today at the gym... found out he got a promotion to the Southport gym.... but he still works out Monday-Thursday morning at my gym so we can still chat about Nas concerts and stuff.

Oh, hey Lindsey.

Ericka was running her third marathon in three weeks. Calm down Sweet Life. She had some running blog friends to meet up with..... One which was on her 81st marathon..... If I knew how to work internet meme's there would be a, 'Seriously, what the crap is wrong with you + you are awesome & I'm jealous face' meme right here. Use your imagination.

Look it's Ericka from The Sweet Life!

Another thing I did tonight was get really obsessive and creeptastic on Twitter. So, this happened:

It's mustard.

So, what else.... I was sure to carb load with Micky D's the day before the marathon. Plus- I stayed in alone at the hotel that night and ordered Dominos (under rated if you ask me) Plus, it served as a great leftover 6:30 am breakfast the next day + a Coke Zero (I know you guys, #healthnut) 

Another not interesting thing at all during the weekend was all the blog talk during our 2 1/2 drive from Alexandria to Rehoboth. I like recognized 5 people in this race while cheering because the running blog weirdos I was with. Thank goodness I had my headphones to high school it up and block out all that with Matisyahu & Flo Rida in the car. I'll leave it at that....... 

Soooo.... I guess I'm done here... except I'll add some sweet pics to complete the weekend. Here ya go:

Ericka & Lindsey pre-marathon. Cool pants Lindsey. Popular.

Lindsey at mile 10 looking way too happy. She looked like this at mile 20, too. Rude.
Ericka 50 feet from the finish of 26.2!
And here is just a collage of me being awesome that Ericka made. 

Okay. I'm done. Maybe I'll shoot out a vlog next week. Vlogs. So hot right now. Vlogs.   Tweet me.