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Friday, October 12, 2012

Surprise thrift & BONUS: What I've been up to!

I stopped by a Goodwill near my new house today. I've never been to it because I usually go to the stores up north in the super nice areas. But- I was not disappointed!! They were setting out a Target load of kids shoes. Jackpot!! So I got all of Giovanna's 2013 summer sandals for a whooping $1.99 each. (She's going to be SO last season in the toddler world.) They are around $15 a pair new at Target... So, it's a great deal!! :)

I was really looking for silly Halloween clothes for my teammates in the Back On My Feet 42k relay tomorrow. I didn't find any clothes- but they had brand new Halloween wigs. So, I got one for myself and my teammate Nan. Should be a fun race... It was last year! I haven't been training really... I've been working out at LA Fitness. But, not running. I've always been able to bust out some running when I need too, though. Race adrenaline helps!

The husband has been here the past couple weeks. It's been awesome! We went to Florida last week to visit my brother in law, George and his family.... met our new niece, Adrianna. Giovanna LOVED playing with her cousin Alex and vice versa. I also got to spend some time with the Rivera's- who let us crash at their place! It was a fun week! Now, we are off to Mexico Monday!! It's going to be hard to leave Giovanna for a whole week!! I know she's in the best hands with my parents and grandma- but it's still going to give me some serious anxiety. I'm dying for some alone time... but I hate it when I get it for too long... Irony. :)

I also got a new car in Florida!!! :D I LOVE my Honda Pilot. Love it. Alas, it's a full size SUV and gets pretty sucky gas mileage. And, well- gas sure isn't $1.50 a gallon anymore. (I miss you 2002 gas prices!!) So, I went from an '03 Honda Pilot to an '07 Lexus ES350. The car was more expensive than my Honda, but it made since considering it's 4 years newer and a ridiculous improvement in MPG. Plus, I could write a whole different post about all the fancy stuff it does.... blows my mind. Lol.

Anyhow... I never blog because I'm boring as heck. But I'll work on it. Maybe, I'll hit the lotto and then will have all kinds of fun things to talk about!! #redneckretirementplan

Pictures below!!



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